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Home d’Italia 2024: Tickets and Best Hospitality Packages

Giro d’Italia 2024: Tickets and Best Hospitality Packages

Amidst plenty of packages and hospitality tickets available for the Giro d'Italia, here are some of the best to suit every taste.

Getting Started

Apart from the World War years, Giro d'Italia has been a constant presence in the competitive cycling world. As for the 2024 edition, Giro d Italia 2024 tickets will be in huge demand considering that it is the centenary edition. The Giro d'Italia 2018 turned out to be the 101th edition of the tournament. There is also a substantial number of Giro d Italia 2024 hospitality packages for those keen on enjoying the tournament from a privileged position. Giro d Italia 2024 tickets.

These hospitality and tour packages are available in order to take advantage of the immense diversity of this event. The organisers have ensured that Giro d Italia 2024 tour gives a lot of value for money since the tournament almost covers every aspect of Italy and its culture. Giro 2024 tour is covered by many operators. Here are some of the best:

‘1, 2 or 3 nights in Milan’ package for Giro 2019
Giro 2024 – 1, 2 or 3 nights in Milan
Sports Tours International

‘1, 2 or 3 nights in Milan’ package may be a perfect fit for those looking to experience the race only in its final stages. Prices for this package start from €129 for a one-night package and going up to €269 per person for a three-night package.

The Bergamo, Stelvio and Alps - Giro 100th edition
Giro d’Italia 2024 – Bergamo, Stelvio and Alps
Sports Tours International

The Bergamo, Stelvio and Alps package which will give access to the cycling action in the scenic mountain ranges of Italy. The mighty Stelvio is clearly the highlight of this package, which will cost €1,299 per person. Once again, this package comes with benefits like a pink jersey, which is made by Santini, to mark the 100th tour.

The Final 9 Days of Giro
The Final 9 days
Sports Tours International

The Final is a package covering the stages from 15 to 21, and it is spread over 10 days and nine nights. Prices are €2,159 per person, while the package includes a special pink jersey made by Santini, VIP access to the official start village and finish grandstand. Bike rentals are available at an additional cost of €329.

Big Start Giro d’Italia 102th edition Sardinia
Sports Tours International

Big Start Giro 2024 tickets are meant for guests looking to get the best of start action. The start pass hospitality is provided at €119, while a ‘top’ package will cost €179. The arrival package begins at €179 with the ‘top’ hospitality costing €289. Once again, drive and fly experiences are available as part of the package for an additional cost.

GIRO 2019 GRAND FINALE with Search Travel
Giro Grand Finale
Search Travel

Grand Finale is the pinnacle of the offerings from Search Travel. It is the priciest at €4,750 per person while also being the longest at 10 nights. More importantly, it covers the final stages of the race including the individual time trial in Milan.

Middle Italia Tour - Giro 2019
Middle Italia Tour
Search Travel

Middle Italia Tour will provide access to some of the best stages in the Giro 2024 tour as it goes through the Tuscany, Florence, and other parts of southern Italy. Even though it covers only four stages, there is quite a lot of variation in terms of the terrain. The maximum guests allowed in each group is 16, while it costs €3,495 per person.

Grand Partenza Tour week of the 102th Giro
Grand Partenza Tour
Search Travel

Grand Partenza Tour is spread over a duration of eight nights and it will include six stages on the island and mainland. It is priced at €3,495 per person. Apart from all the transportation and meals, the tour will include a six-month training plan in order to prepare for the tour just like a professional. A support vehicle will also be provided for cycling guests.

Musement Giro 2019 Tickets
Giro Experience

Musement can provide access to the first three stages as part of its basic Giro d Italia 2024 hospitality package. Additional hospitality is available to guests either at the start of the finish of the tournament. They can even follow the various stages through a helicopter or a car. Apart from having a glimpse at the tournament itself, Musement also takes care of the search for cultural experience through food, wine, and art exploration.

2019 Giro's Grand Finale package
Giro’s Grand Finale Package
Grand Tours Project

Giro’s Grand Finale package will even let riders experience the final individual time trial in Milan, while also offering the same benefits like VIP access and local authentic food. Monte Grappa and Piancavallo climbs can also be witnessed from close quarters.

Final Week – Ride Every Kilometre
Grand Tours Project

Final Week: Ride Every Kilometre gives guests the chance to make the intense climbs that make the tournament a legend in the world of cycling.

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The Giro d'Italia is a multiple-stage bicycle event which was first held in 1909. Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport laid the foundation for this event primarily to increase its sales. In recent years, however, it is run by RCS Sport.