Giro d’ Italia 2022
06.05.2022 - 29.05.2022
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Giro d’Italia [curr_year]: Tickets and Best Hospitality Packages

Amidst plenty of packages and hospitality tickets available for the Giro d'Italia, here are some of the best to suit every taste.

Getting Started

Apart from the World War years, Giro d'Italia has been a constant presence in the competitive cycling world. As for the 2022 edition, Giro d Italia 2022 tickets will be in huge demand considering that it is the centenary edition. The Giro d'Italia 2018 turned out to be the 101th edition of the tournament. There is also a substantial number of Giro d Italia 2022 hospitality packages for those keen on enjoying the tournament from a privileged position. Giro d Italia 2022 tickets.

These hospitality and tour packages are available in order to take advantage of the immense diversity of this event. The organisers have ensured that Giro d Italia 2022 tour gives a lot of value for money since the tournament almost covers every aspect of Italy and its culture. Giro 2022 tour is covered by many operators. Here are some of the best:

GIRO 2019 GETAWAY Package
The Giro Getaway tour
Grand Tours Project

The Giro Getaway tour: it will also allow riders to experience the route even before the professionals. A final week program will allow riders to experience each kilometre of the final stages only a few hours before the professionals. It is possible to enjoy the final 100 kilometres or even the full stage route.

The Giro Experience – Sardinia and Sicily
Grand Tours Project

The Giro Experience: Sardinia And Sicily takes place between May 11 – June 2 and it allows guests to ride on the roads of the competition due to Grand Tours Project having privileged access to the backstage and the race. The two-stage finishes can be witnessed from the VIP area through this fully supported tour.

Giro d'Italia 2nd week
Second Week Package (Naples – Italian Lakes)

Second Week – Priced at €4,920 per person is access to the second week coverage, which follows the race from the Naples region to the Italian Lakes. This tour will progress through provinces like Campania, Umbria, Abruzzo, and Piedmont. The additional price gives guests the benefit to experience stages from 9 to 15.

Giro d'Italia 1st week package - Go4Cycling
1st Week Package (Sardinia & Sicily)

The Giro d’Italia 1st week package takes care of the stages from 1 to 5. Access to the team presentation is provided on May 4. Giro d Italia 2022 hospitality of the highest order is provided through accommodation at four-star hotels.

VIP Package - Giro 2019 from Go4Cycling
VIP Package

VIP – Cyclists and non-cyclists get to experience a huge range of benefits like access to the official course. Guests will also be able to take pictures standing on the official podium while they can also cross the finishing line like they do in the actual race. The VIP zone at the conclusion of the race will take care of the VIP requirements.

Non Cycling Sardinia Tour
Non-cycling Sardinia Package
Custom Getaways

    Spread across six days and five nights, the non-cycling Sardinia package marks the beginning of the tournament. This is one of the shortest packages with VIP access provided to 3 stages, while the ability to catch the team presentation in person is one of its unique benefits.

Maglia Rosa - 102th Giro packages
Maglia Rosa 1 & 2
Custom Getaways

Maglia Rosa 1 and Maglia Rosa 2 – will later progress towards the middle stages with prices ranging between $4,500-4,600 per person. These packages are substantially longer with buyers getting to experience the tournament across nine days and eight nights. Some of the advantages of this package includes VIP access to 4 stage.

Final week Giro 2019 package
Final week package
Custom Getaways

Final week package is the prized slightly higher than the first week at $3,995 per person. If the Stelvio climb viewing was the focus of the former, Mont Grappa climb through a private viewing area will be the focus of this Giro 2022 tickets package.

Big Start - Sardinia Giro 2019 package
The Big Start – Sardinia Package

A Belgian tour operator, Go4Cycling offers 12 different variants of Giro d Italia 2022 tickets to cover every segment from personal to corporates. The Big Start – Sardinia package is intended to cover – at a cost of €2,785 per person – the first stages of the tournament which take place on the island. Every aspect of the country’s spectacular scenery at various locations is covered through the tour.

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The Giro d'Italia is a multiple-stage bicycle event which was first held in 1909. Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport laid the foundation for this event primarily to increase its sales. In recent years, however, it is run by RCS Sport.